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Carbon fiber interior wraps

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Hello all! My name is John and Im just trying to see who might be interested in carbon fiber interior wraps? Were a small company in Chicago (just a few people working here) and we specialize in custom carbon fiber and replica parts in carbon fiber. We love the work and we would be glad to bring to you the following offerings.

super high quality jobs (as good as if not better then our high competitors)
fast turn around times
competitive and lower pricing than competitors
guaranteed satisfaction and fit
life time guarantee to never deteriorate
Super high quality materials (only the best carbon fiber and epoxies money can buy)

Here are a few pictures of the super high quality work we do and I look foward to reading your comments and questions.

P.S I dont plan on trying to sell anything if unless I become a sponsor. Thanks!!!


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I also forgot to mention we wouldnt ask for people to pay in full up front. All that would be required is a deposit to cover materials and then once the job is done we would then need the rest of the payment. :D
nice finally an alternative to the over priced others
im not big on cf, but if the price was right, I maybe
Hmmm... Ill pay you to buy my products! haha jk. Let competitors beat that price :p
hahaha, seriously tho, black cf instead of our silver is something im sure a lot of people will be interested in
Waaait a second? I was doing some research and these are silver pieces of carbon fiber held on by double sided tape to the original panels??! Or am I wrong?
Hi John,

Welcome! Will you be offering any other color options other than the standard black/gray c/f?

Thanks for the kind welcome!

Yes we can also do

red, yellow, green, blue, orange

and silver carbon fiber (hexcel taxcelium)
is it just an overlay u make? or do u create new pieces?
Its not an overlay the way you think it is. We do what lamborghini does with their interiors. They take the OEM pieces and wrap the carbon fiber cloth around the pieces and then saturate that in resin. So its not pieces double sided taped to the interior. Its raw carbon wrapped around it and then saturated in resin, sanded, and cleared. Many would prefer that to full on replacements since its a guaranteed fit and doesnt sit on an angle or anything due to the clips being off.
Spawnaero john,

Could you PM me what you think it would cost to cover the rear piece in the silver carbon fiber? I have included a link of what I am looking at.
That would be around $325.00 to wrap in silver carbon fiber (hexcel taxcelium).
I would be interested. Sounds like it could be a good winter project.
I would also be interested in the rear seat center cover in silver carbon fibre. But would it have exactly the same "weave" and pattern as the OEM center console in front? If yes, I'm interested. Problem though is I can't send you a cover since I'm in the Philippines. The finished product will just have to be sent to CA and I'll take care of shipping it over here.
How much would it cost to replace all the silver carbon with black? I would love to have all black in the car....
Our normal prices (after we get settled into the forums assuming we can be sponsors one day soon) would be roughly $800 which would cover the center console and the two side door accents.

But since we are starting and we would like to do one or two SF models first we would gladley price the 3 pieces at $550 which would only be for a short time.
^^^^Don't forget the two rear door accents.

That would be around $325.00 to wrap in silver carbon fiber (hexcel texalium).
Fixed for you
One of my pet peaves is the idea of silver carbon fiber. This is aluminized fiberglass, but people will always call it silver carbon...carbon is black.
i agree with fig, and unk if u ever do that u must post pics:)
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