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January Data but I believe it has changed upward a little based on the current MSRP.

Series I:
MSRP:65,300, Dealer Invoice ~59,400
Series II:
MSRP: 69,400, Dealer Invoice ~ 62,900

General rule of thumb for Lexus' in Canada base models are usually 8-9% (Series I) and the higher end models are 10-11% (Series II). For example the base model RX has a low to mid 8 point mark-up while the highest loaded model is in the 10-11 point range at the dealer level as with the ISF above.

I would suggest you try and find an '08 as well considering the $7000 cash incentive. There are a handfull kicking around and usually the dealer will throw in a discount on top of TCI's cash incentive. You could probably walk away $10k off the sticker with under 100kms on the odo.

Good luck in your searches.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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