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Calling all MD/VA/DC/PA/whoever can make it F owners

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Cayman and I are planning on meeting up Friday in Columbia. We will meet up maybe go for a cruise and then grab a beer and food or whatever we decide. The main reason is to get together so we can meet everyone and talk about our beloved F's. You can pm me or respond to the thread to let me know if your interested.
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Daym, I wish I could meet with you guys on Friday. Unfortunately, I will be working at Tyson's Corner from 9am to 9pm. So there's no way I can make it. Perhaps some other time! Enjoy! ;)


I should be able to make it for a while. Got a meeting place in mind?
I would love to hear the headers. . where/when in Columbia?
I'm thinking somewhere off of 95. Maybe in the Gateway overlook shopping center. It's a big parking lot (costco, best buy, lowes). I think it will be a good place to meet up and talk for a bit and then go on a spin. I dropped my phone in the water so I'm working on getting it fixed. I'll be checkin in here a lot since my phone is currently broken.
That's a good location. The back of the parking lot toward Lowes would probably be the most open area for us all to park.
You read my mind

Met you earlier at the stoplight at the Columbia Mall.. What time you guys planning to meet friday?

I don't know what time Jaslapp wants to meet up, but if you need directions...take 95 to 175 west, take your first right, heading north on 108...the entrace will be on your right. In other words, Gateway Overlook is the shopping center located northeast of the intersection of highways 175 and 108, just west of 95.

Cool thats just down the street.. Hopefully others will show..
Let's plan for 8 right now. How does that sound?
Well, I was planning on bringing my wife, and she is pregnant and goes to bed early. A little earlier would be better for me, but no biggie. She could drive the ISF and I could ride my bike and stick around a little later I guess.
I'd prefer also if it was earlier. But I'll see my schedule
How about 7:30 I can't really do anything before that.
My wife and I will be having dinner at Houlihan's, located in the same shopping center, prior to the meet. If anybody wants to meet up for dinner prior (6:30ish), let me know.
Guy I wont be able to make it friday night. Let me know when you plan on doing it again.
Great get together last night. Thank you to the 3 others that could make it out. Next time we get together hopefully we can get even more of us together. We all talked about it and we would like to get a bbq together for us F owners sometime soon. Once again thanks Garth, Adam, and Tom for coming out!
Sorry I couldn't make it. Possibly a Saturday or Sunday next time? were there any pictures or video taken that I missed?
I took one video, but it keeps failing to load into youtube.
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