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I'm not a cop, although I tried to become one back in my late 20's, but I'll tell you this.

Most cops love fast cars, and they read about them just like we do, so they know what's going on.

My last car, Subaru WRX STi was targeted a lot, like the community was a bunch of high profiled criminals running around. Many STi's got stopped for no reason at all, and since most people don't know the law, they allowed their cars to be searched.

The ISF is in a different league than the STi, but some cops will be looking for it.

I also notice you live in LA, which is the whole Street Racing scene started, so you should expect to draw a lot more attention to yourself, not much you can do about it.

Avoiding the attention has to do with knowledge, tactics and equipment. I'm not going to elaborate further on that in public, for obvious reasons.

I agree... especially one as unique as our F's, it's easy to be picked out of the crowd.. I just graduated an academy, and I can tell you one thing for sure, if a cop really 'wants' to pull you over, they'll find some kind of 'PC' to stop... most people really don't know this, but there's a Vehicle code violation for just about everything.... everything from ride height, front license plate, to the Garmin GPS ppl like to put in the center of their dash *26708(12) vc*.. so my advise.... don't be stupid.. you drive an F.. we're supposed to be at higher level than Ricers...
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