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Canadian F owners, HELP!

Any members from Montreal or Toronto who can help me? I will be attending Jim Russell Performance Driving session on Aug 19 at Mont Trmblant. Obviously I did not drive my F from the Philippines. I will have to rent a car. I tried renting at least a Mini Cooper of Lotus Exige, but they're all rented out for the summer. Porches will have to be rented for at least a week and it just does not make sense.

Best I could muster, is a Chrysler 300C Hemi. Car's powerful but it's a boat. Can anyone rent their F to me (ha ha wishful thinking ha) for a day? If not can anyone recommend me to someone who can rent me a decent car good for lapping? All car rental agencies I went to are out of stock. It seems that GM has not delivered cars because opf their Chapter 11, so all of them are short in invetory by 40%. I could perhaps settle for a Cadi CTS or a Mustang.

Anyway, any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks, guys!
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