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Calgary ABRS Road Car Driving School and Lapping on Day Aug 24 and Oct 1

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Just want to share some High Performance Track Day info for everyone

ABRS offers Introductory Road Car School Lapping and Advanced Road Car Lapping at Race City Speedway. This includes professional instruction and training with Chief Instructor Allen Berg and the ABRS team. Learn about vehicle handling dynamics and explore the limits of your road car in a safe and exciting environment. Thinking about a day off to drive at the track and meet other car enthusiasts? Come and join us for the next dates!

Introductory Road Car Lapping Session (8am – 12pm)

Classroom Session (1 Hour)
- Track Exercises
- Lead and Follow Sessions
- Open Lapping Session with Instructor Supervision

*New* Advanced Road Car Training (8am – 12pm)
(for Graduates of ABRS Intro Program or similar)
You will be training with our Instructor Mr. David Piket (background from Canadian Ski Instructor and coach for over thirty years. ) David will setup some professional exercises to explore your vision and body on the Track

Advanced Road Car Lapping Session (12pm- 4pm)
(for Graduates of ABRS Intro Program or similar)
- Open Lapping Sessions with Instructor Supervision
- Trackside Observation
- Instructor Debriefing

All ABRS programs provide plenty of track time with quality professional instruction

Some photos to share from the last school please visit

ABRS June Road Car School Photos

ABRS July Road Car School Photos

For more information please visit
ABRS webpage
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Canadian F owners, HELP!

Any members from Montreal or Toronto who can help me? I will be attending Jim Russell Performance Driving session on Aug 19 at Mont Trmblant. Obviously I did not drive my F from the Philippines. I will have to rent a car. I tried renting at least a Mini Cooper of Lotus Exige, but they're all rented out for the summer. Porches will have to be rented for at least a week and it just does not make sense.

Best I could muster, is a Chrysler 300C Hemi. Car's powerful but it's a boat. Can anyone rent their F to me (ha ha wishful thinking ha) for a day? If not can anyone recommend me to someone who can rent me a decent car good for lapping? All car rental agencies I went to are out of stock. It seems that GM has not delivered cars because opf their Chapter 11, so all of them are short in invetory by 40%. I could perhaps settle for a Cadi CTS or a Mustang.

Anyway, any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks, guys!
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