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CA IS-F vs 'regular' IS-F

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Hello everyone... For months now, I've been looking around for my IS-F dream Car. I found a silver 2008 from California, but I have a few questions before hauling it back home to Texas.

First, how will the stricter emission standards in CA affect performance?

Second, will the service / maintenance costs be more expensive because of whatever changes were made to make it CA compliant?

Finally, are there any other things I should be thinking about or researching before buying a CA IS-F and moving it to Texas?

Thanks in advance for everyone's advice! :)
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There should be no changes to the car for California emmisions?
Most Lexus Vehicles, including the IS-F are classified as ULEVII. To my knowledge all vehicles with this emission rating are 50 state legal. Therefore, IMO, an ISF sold in California is the same as one sold in Texas.

mooby, Having sold IS-F's around the country including California, I can confidently tell you that you will not run into any differences in the emissions of the car. The only variance would be the level of equipment on the car. For instance, an IS-F in California may not have headlamp washers and park assist sensors where as an IS-F in the East would most likely have them. Good luck!

^what doug said! emission-wise, all F's are the same throughout the country.
Excellent.. Thanks again everyone for the advice!
Might be a slight difference in performance due to the gasoline that's higher than 91.
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