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Well it all started a week back when I was ticketed for a missing front license plate. So I had no choice but to have the dealer drill holes in my precious bumper and put that ugly plate on. Of course this was temporary and now I needed a way to fill those ugly holes back in. I had heard good this about, but never thought they would be this great. I received the bumperplugs in a timely manner but then ended damaging the plugs due to my own stupidity.:( Long story short, I explained to them what happened, and they replaced my bumperplugs no questions asked.

So this of my way of thanking and getting the word out.

BTW the person I spoke to was Erik, who answered my questions promptly and made sure I installed the replacements correctly this time. So if any of you need bumperplugs in the future, this is the guy to talk to.
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Good to hear that there are still companies/people that do the right thing to make the customer happy.
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