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Bumper Plugs or Patch?

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I feel like I am the only one who's ISF has front plates on, dealer kind of fucked me over when I told them not to screw them in, but I have no choice, but i did order bumper plugs ( and they matched the color and everything, but haven't put them on yet. Need your opinion on whether i should go to body shop and patch up the holes or use the bumper plugs? Thanks
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Here's a solution> go ahead and install the bumper plugs yourself.

Take your time and make sure to line them up with each other. This is easy just put a piece of tape horizonally from one hole to the other and make sure the holes that were drilled are level with each other. Mark the spot where you want to enlarge the hole according to the directions for the hole plugs. You probably won't even have to drill, you might want to use a small rat tail file to enlarge the hole to the proper dimensions. If you can't stand the look of the finished project you will always have the option of having the holes filled in and painted. This will cost $$$$.

Good Luck,
Unfortunately I've got the front plate on too. I completely forgot to tell the dealer to keep it off. It is law to have it on, but I would have like to see how long I could have gotten away with it.

Maybe I'll give those bumper plugs a try...
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