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Bridgestone Potenza vs. Michelin Pilot Sport

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Can anyone tell me if there is any reason some cars have one over the other? I have the Bridgestones but it seems all the test cars in the writeups have the Michelins. Are they both summer only? Thanks in advance.
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Michelin designed the tires for the IS-F, and at Lexus' request gave the specs to Bridgestone. Both tires are built to Lexus/Michelin specs and both are great. They are indeed summer tires.
Both IS-F and M3 come with Bridgestone and Michelin. They are both summer performance tires. I won't be surprised if they only last 10 to 12k before you need a new set. Manufacturers do not like to give business to just one tire company. They alway split them up
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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