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Brembo lands Lexus IS-F brake deal

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When the Lexus IS-F debuted at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, it was wearing a set of black painted calipers branded with the Lexus name. When the car officially goes on sale in the second quarter of 2008, it will be wearing a set of gold painted Brembos. Toyota has officially cut a deal with big name brake manufacturer Brembo to supply the stopping power for its high-performance IS-F sedan. It's the first time Toyota and Brembo have partnered, which makes sense considering the only car from Toyota that could go fast enough to require big-name braking power was probably the last generation Supra.

Of course, having your car wear Brembos isn't just about achieving excellent stopping distances, it's also about getting the Brembo name on your calipers, which carries a lot of weight with performance-minded consumers. With this deal, Toyota will be infusing the Lexus IS-F with some instanst cachet right out of the gate, though there are plenty of other areas in which the car will need to perform well to earn its stripes.
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This is good news, although Im really not a fan of the gold, I would rather keep is subtle with black. Aleast they are taking strides to provide a car with already so much invested in performance. The wheels could use some width though.
It really depends on the color combo. The gold calipers will let the car stand out depending on the color combo. Black calipers would stand out more if the car was white. But I do understand what you're saying...
If I end up getting a white ISF, I will paint mine red :)
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