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Breathtaking Lexus LFA Supercar Photos and Details Emerge Ahead of Official Debut

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Official images and specs of the Lexus LFA supercar have just emerged prior to the car's debut at the Tokyo Auto Show and it's as impressive. Not only does it look spectacular, but it has an engine to back up all that angular sheetmetal – or should we say carbon fiber. In total 65 percent of the car's body is made of the light-weight substance. As for under the hood, Toyota has developed a very special V10 engine with a displacement of 4.8-liters. In total it pumps out 560hp at 8700 rpm and 354 ft-lbs of torque at 6800 rpm.

With a six-speed sequential transmission and curb weight of just 3,263 lbs, the LFA has a per to weight ratio of 5.8 lbs/hp and can hit 62 mph in 3.7 seconds and top at at 202 mph!

No official price as been listed for the new Lexus supercar, but production will be limited to just 500 units.

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LFA Rolling around in Miami, FL - Spotted 10/20/09

Tried posting my own Thread... But I guess we are not allowed.... :confused:

Joe Z said:
Here is my post from another thread from 2 hours ago, earlier today.. LoL

Seems they might be at some sort of Toyota or Lexus dealership...
According to my reliable sources.. ;)
(in Miami, Florida)

Joe Z

Just found this story here:

1st production version of the LFA lands in USA - Miami, FL

Turn Key on the Dash!!

And maybe even one of the racers arrived as well!!


Joe Z :woot:

Probably will be at:

"Upcoming South Florida International Auto Show later on this week."

October 23rd to Nov 1st.. -> Miami Beach Convention Center

or even

A few laps around "Florida's Homestead-Miami Speedway."

My guess:

Next stop would be Viva Las Vegas for SEMA!!! :cool:

Joe Z :D
i really don't like the front headlamps. the front end just doesn't look right to me. i like the concept one much more.
The White LFA goes back to Europe. The Flat Black LFA is heading to SEMA! :D
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