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Brand New ISF and New To Forums

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Hey everyone I'm James didn't really introduce myself the last post, but just wanted to say hello, I as well just got my Smoky Granite/Black Lexus ISF and its awesome. I love this car, the way it accelerates, and I already was racing which is funny cause I didn't really give it a chance to break in the car yet. I raced a 07 Mustang Cobra I believe, and I had 4 passengers including myself, we started about 30mph on a pretty long road around me, and I had a good lead on him and he was only a single passenger, but anyway yeah I love this new car. I also put a down payment on a new Audi R8 and its like a 2 year wait lol, which is grimey. It was nice joining the forums hoping to get to know you guys better and getting to know my car better with you guys.
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Congrats on both purchases, I'm sure the R8 will be worth the wait :cool:

Welcome to the site, feel free to snoop around and post pics of your ride whenever you get time :)

Frisco AND Austin? That's quite a commute!
I've been driving my F in Austin for 4 months now and have still not seen another one in town, though I know several have been delivered. If yuu see another mercury metallic F, it's not your reflection, its probably me.

Welcome to the board JCtheplaya. We don't be no playahatas 'round here.
Welcome, you will have a ton of fun in this car.
Welcome James! Congrats.
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