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Brakes Squeaking / Just installed Blizzaks LM

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Anyone else having this problem lately. I have brought the car to my dealer twice now. The brakes start to squeak at slow braking speeds (less than 10mph). The dealer checked the brakes and said everything was ok. They told me the squeaking is due to the high performance brembo brakes. They were designed for high speeds and hot weather. Since I live in the Northeast, the cold weather is causing the squeaking. Just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this. About 6000 miles so far. Squeaking has become worse since the weather has gotten colder. Does Lexus just not want to replace the brakes? Squeaking way before the new blizzaks were installed (obviously acceleration down, we'll see how they do in the snow).
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Try bringing it to another dealer. Or when you find out where its coming from just tell them hey i heard the squeaking from here. Toyota service department does the same thing too but just find out where its coming from and there's no excuse whether its a high performance or not squeaking at slow braking is VERY ANNOYING!!!
My brakes have started squeaking recently as it has gotten cold. I figured it was because of the cold weather and I haven't worried about it a whole lot. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow so I will see if the squeaking goes away.

08 IS-F
I've noticed slight squeaking as you described it at lower speeds (easing to a stop around 10-0 mph or so) and I'm not sure if it's happening often enough to take it in to get looked at. I've got about 8200 mi. on the car and I just noticed this around 8k mi. It doesn't happen every time, but I'm wondering if rotors need turning or something.

Living here in L.A., the weather is always around 72 degrees, so I don't think it's weather related. Anyone have any ideas on this issue as far as cause(s)? Tks.
I can help ya'll out here. The performance brakes that are on the F are high friction pads. Typically but not always, high friction pads have a squeaking problem when they're not used to their full potential.

My brakes were squeaking quite a bit after I hit 4k-5k miles so I talked to the dealership. He said that the F pads, if they aren't used to their fullest potential, a film starts to build on the pad and thats why you get squeaking. He said to take it out on the freeway and when safe, do a couple of hard stops/slows from 80-60 real hard, 60-40 real hard, 40-0 real hard, etc. Do this a few times. I'm not talking tire squealing hard but pretty hard. After this you might smell something burning, thats the film.

Every time my brakes squeal I do this and it helps get rid of the noise :) It's also not as cold here as a lot of places (still close to 80) so it could be weather if this doesn't work :cool:
My brakes are squeaking less now that it has warmed up here, so they may be more prone to squeaking when it is cold. I haven't tried any hard stops lately, but I will definitely give that a try if the squeaking continues.

08 IS-F
These brakes will sqeak in colder weather and or when they are not heated up. This is the negative side to having high performance brakes. Try to get up to highway speed, and if no one is already, apply the brakes as hard as you can without having the ABS kick in. Do that 3-4 times in a row, and it should get a majority of the noise to go away.
Welcome to the squeaking club..I had this from the day 1 I purchased the car..Nothing new! Brembo's..what can I say..To be blunt around 100 miles on it, it was squeaking..this was 04/04/08..around 5 days approx of ownership on the car..:cool:
We'll live!!:cool:
Very soon if not by now there should be some good aftermarket alternatives to the OE pads from manufacturers like Hawk, Performance Friction, etc. I have had very good luck with Hawk pads on cars by following installation procedures and burnishing instructions. Great stopping power, no squeaky! I must say I haven't researched it yet.
Heard today Lexus will have shims available within a month to help out with the brakes noise. Stay tuned for more !!
^^That is really good news! :cool:
Shims on brake pads? Ummm can't help but think that would decrease braking a bit. My F squeaks @ under 10mph when its < 60 degrees outside. As said before, it comes with the territory.
So I had to take my IS-F in to the dealer today with a grinding noise coming from the brakes. Turns out I wore the pads down with only 4200 miles on them. Yes, the car has been to the track a couple of times, but that still seems a little early to wear out pads.

Luckily, Lexus is replacing them under warranty. The service rep was nice about it, but also implied that I will be on notice if they wear out again in a few thousand miles. Might have to pay out of pocket next time.

If I have to pay to replace factory pads, does anyone know the cost?

How about the cost on rotors?
2 weekends of track time on any brakes is a lot of accelerated use. If you stop and think about it for a second that's 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays @ about 4 sessions each day for at least 20 minutes a session of full on gas pedal or full on brake pedal. That looks like about 5 hours of full on braking! Most of the experienced guys I know in other cars in the past would plan on bringing another set of front pads to the track with them or swapping out track pads for street pads at the event. I am surprised they replaced them under warranty actually. Did you happen to mention that you spent 2 weekends at track events? ;)
Hmmm Warranty.... I got 5700 miles on mine with a trackday or two?? My brakes are about due also. I not sure if I can pull it off as warranty work but may give it a try. FChampOH, ya think I should tell em?? LOL.. Or is there some type of dumbass look I could have?
Hmmm Warranty.... I got 5700 miles on mine with a trackday or two?? My brakes are about due also. I not sure if I can pull it off as warranty work but may give it a try. FChampOH, ya think I should tell em?? LOL.. Or is there some type of dumbass look I could have?
As far as the right look, you might check with ChrisH! As far as the warranty work, better do it while the gettin is good!
As far as the right look, you might check with ChrisH!
I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of track time on those pads.
Haha, I hear they're a decent price to change. I tried to find exact figures but I can't, anyone know how much it is to change pads and rotors?
WOW.... This is one of the better Topics IMHO... Most Topics are for more power. Nice that instead we have brake issues about squeal squeak. but never lack of stop .. All the noise source & remedy info from the champs is spot on too. As far as all of us ISF Drivers that can not confirm or deny that the brakes pads may or may not need replacement due to unconfirmed closed course use at 4k 5k on the ODO. Congrats for driving the car the way Lexus F division built it for us. My good friend with a Carrera S with the Ceramic brake Rotor option who also can not confirm closed course duty also may need pads up front @ 900$ for a pad slap. Any of us here right now with the ISF in these tuff times... HI 5 all around..... if you make u tires & brakes last till 10k i think you should get a green awrd or a goin to slow ticket... my 2 cents
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