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Hi guys,

I'm taking my '08 F in for its 25k mile service soon and just talked to my service guy at the dealer.

Looks like my brakes / rotors will finally have to be replaced for the first time and he has quoted me $1,410 (parts/labor) -- just want to get your thoughts on if this pricing is reasonable?

I'm also needing to get the tires replaced for the first time and after having been thoroughly disappointed with the Bridgestones that came with the car, am looking to switch over to Michelins. Only problem is the service guy said they are on a heavy back order all across the country but he does have Bridgestones ($349/ea + $210 installation). Do you guys know if this is true and if so, do you know what the reasoning is? I'm assuming it's because no one seems to like the Bridgestones but it's still somewhat surprising.

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