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Brake Sum Up

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Turning 6K today on the ISF, and like alot of folks the fronts are starting to make some high pitched noises. Also as everyone I hate the dusting. Now I don't do any track stuff, but some aggressive freeway driving and otherwise just cruising around. I was wondering if anyone could kind of sum up the current thoughts on what is available for brakes....

For instance it seems Hawk pads are the best replacement pads???? Are people getting the straight ceramic ones? Or the HE ones? Also are there any aftermarket back ones??????

At what millimeters do you need to replace the pads????
Do the rotors need to be replaced with the pads????

And I would love it if someone would post pictures of the swap process??? Can anyone do this??? Can I buy ceramic pads and take them to the dealer?? It sounds costly.

Or would this be easy for a competent mechanic? and maybe cheaper from the dealer??

Anyhow, I would love it if someone with knowledge could kind of sum up the best brakes for this thing.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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