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brake pads & rotors

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Does anyone know if someone else besides Toyota makes pads and rotors for the F.
I'm on my 3rd set on the front already and the back is still with what the car came with, and they are done;) .
The stock pads and rotors are actually very good, but why not try something new, just nobody seems to make anything for it.
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Wow, lots of auto-xing? Please keep us posted if you find a good alternative!
I installed Ferrodos. Got them at http://www,
Welcome to the site!

Like alexzxlex said, Ferrodo makes a pad for the F. There were also a few more companies working on making pads but I'm not sure on the status of them or if they were released. I would do a search on here, you will turn up some good information
I installed Ferrodos. Got them at http://www,
put a . after www instead of a comma so we can follow the link. :)
Any pricing/reliability info?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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