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No argument re how the Porsche feels. These cars are wonderful when they run. I loved my Merc C32. Just felt fast and handling wise, it communicated so well with the driver. My brother had an Audi TT and it was a nimble little car. Problem is that pure performance doesn't do you much good if you are stuck in traffic (I am assuming this is a daily driver for you) and after a while you just got to weigh the cost vs the benefit. Is the fun of carving the back roads outweight the vacation days spent bringing the car to the dealership, check engine light going on at the worst times etc. On the average a Porsche is a higher maintenance car than the Lexus. Also check youtube for problems with PDK, DSG, M-DCT, TC-SST, GR6 etc. Getrag and Borg-Warner make these dual-clutch manumatics and they seem to have a lot of problems. sorry if I come across as too negative:eek:
I have read a lot of problems with the PDK. They mostly seem to do with the Software and i have also read that the software has been continously improving. I have been hearing that 2011's have no problems. I am going into this expecting some problems..and the warranty will take care of things. I would never buy a used Porsche unless i was a mechanic myself.
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