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I am looking to see if i can keep both..exploring my options. Trying to convinince my grilfrind to trade in her car and drive the F. Most of my time I drive with no more than 2 people.

I drove the is an amazing car. The PDK is awesome and power delivery is smooth. Balance of the car is in a class of its own. The Spyder (with PDK) is faster than the F.
However, they are entirely different cars and the quality of the F blows the Porsche away. But then, Porsches are built for a purpose..the Spyder serves that purpose pretty damn well.

The top was a concern, but then i am in Austin, TX and bad weather is an exception. Driving the Spyder areound the winding roads of the hill country is something i am looking forward to.

@ISF500: i would prefer a 370z over a Cayman. Now the Cayman S is an enirely different detail. I was originally considering the Cayman S.

@abyars and Peleg: A Boxster, Boxster S and Boxster Spyder have plenty of differences. I would encourage all to drive the Spyder. But i do recognize that they are not everyones cup of tea.

My first car was 99 celica too and my next was a 350z...i guess i prefer smaller, lighter cars as daily drivers. For me, the F would be a nice Luxury to have but the Spyder a necessity ;)
keeping both would be a fantastic setup. I've seen a Boxster Spyder and it looks like very collectible car.
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