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Bought an 08 IS-F- Satellite Radio Question

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Hey All,

I picked up an 08 with 21K miles last week. I'm loving it and as a result the first couple of tanks go really fast :D Below are a couple pics.

I'm trying to find my Satellite radio ID number to get it activiated and I read the owner's manual of how to find it. However, when I hit the "AM/SAT" button it doesn't toggle to "SAT". It just stays on "AM". Is there something that I am missing here? Does something need to be reset? I'm thinking about taking it to the dealer.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like you do not have the XM tuner installed. It was not a stock option on the 2008 models. I bought a Lexus XM tuner on eBay and installed it myself.
What marony said. You might want to contact the seller, especially if you were told that the car had satellite radio. I don't know whether the dorsal fin antenna looks any different when the car doesn't have the XM tuner, but that might be another way to tell.
I agree, sounds like the factory XM tuner is not installed. It was an option that was normally installed at the dealership. Most of the IS-F's were shipped without satellite radio.
Thx for the replies. You guys are right. I assumed it was standard on my 08 but rather it is an option. The Lexus dealer here said they could install it for $795. Does that sound about right or are they rapping me? I have the Mark Levinson stereo/voice activiated nav package so I just assumed satellite radio was all ready to roll.

Another question is that I am getting squeaky breaks at low speed breaking. I didnt notice it the first week I had the car. Is this normal for these high performance breaks in cold weather until they heat up? Or perhaps I need to get the rotors/breaks looked at? I have 21K miles.

Other than that I'm really enjoying this car. Im coming from an 05 WRX STi. This car really stands out where I live. I did alot of research on the C63 AMG and M3 and drove all but the M3 but decided on the IS F and Im confident it is the right decision for me

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I'll leave it to marony to tell you how much he paid for the tuner on eBay. It sounds like the satellite radio antenna is already integrated and probably pre-wired, in which case the installation should be a relatively easy plug-&-play sort of thing. If you're not inclined to DIY, you still might be able to save a few hundred dollars by sourcing the tuner somewhere other than the dealer and then either paying the dealer service department or an independent car audio shop to hook it up.

As far as the brakes, squealing in and of itself is not indicative of a problem. If you don't think the pads have ever been replaced at 21K miles, you should get them checked out. Performance brakes do not last as long as other types, but so much depends on the manner of driving that you really can't compare car to car.
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My dealer wanted to charge $1200, so $800 sounds cheap to me :)

I don't think it is completely plug and play. There was a thread on this forum a while back that detailed the install and it sounded pretty complicated. I could be remembering wrong, though.

As for the brakes, mine squealed when cold even I only had about 5k (I bought the car used). As the above poster stated, depending on how hard the car was driven it certainly is possible the pads are worn.

Good luck,

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS F
It is completely plug and play! The unit cost me right around $300 dollars on eBay from some Lexus dealer. It took me a little over an hour to install. The installation was not hard at all. I can't believe I actually paid the dealer almost $800 to have it installed when I bought my wife's ES350. Here is a link with detailed instructions and pics that I used:
It will be like the last post on that page and divided into two parts.
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