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Borla Exhaust

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Any of you guys in Southern California interested in doing some testing with Borla exhaust?
I recently sent an email to them requesting a date for an exhaust kit. David Borla responded asking me to let them test it on my IS. Unfortunately I'm in Dallas so, I told him I'd ask if anyone would be interested. My only stipulation was that I got the first production kit.

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So is the new exhaust on your car now? Is it catback or axle back? Any horsepower numbers to the wheels/crank?
Axleback, they completely removed catalytic converters, so I won't be taking it to get a smog check anytime soon:cool:
Did they remove both primary and secondary converters, or just the secondary ones.....Your exhaust must be catback did they use an X pipe?
They told me they removed both converters. They are supposed to send me photos and dyno info this week. Will post everything as I get it.
great keep us posted.
I'll look forward to the public release for this system.
Any news from borla?
Axleback, they completely removed catalytic converters, so I won't be taking it to get a smog check anytime soon:cool:
Gee, I hope they gave you the catalytic converters..... They are probably worth $1000.00 or more if you had to replace them.
Wow guys that's great news. I'm happy to hear someone was able to leave thier F with Borla. I'm in Florida, and can't make it. I hope to hear some good news out of this test.
Hey everyone Greg Weiss customer service manager for Borla Industries emailed me stating the exhaust will be released in about 30 days...I am anxious to see the final product...stay tuned

Here is the excerpt from the email:

"We are in the process of finishing up the system for the IS-F. It should be ready for release in 30 days. At that time we will have a price."
Sorry, I had to edit the email for privacy purposes.
So, does someone have a Borla Exhaust System on their IS yet? From some of the later posts, it appears as though one person did and the rest of us are waiting for pricing / Borla to come to market with the system.

I'm guessing there are some folks on here who probably love the "quad pipes" but I wish Borla would make an additional version that just trimmed things down to two large pipes, which is what I'd rather put on. I think the quad pipes are a nice design attempt and being original but I haven't met anyone who likes them.
Elevatus i agree with you 100% on that one.

but as long as i know my quad pipes are for real i think there awesome.
i hope the borla system sounds Awesome it should it sounded Great on my Corvette... but not as good as my friends SLP Loudmouth system.
but if i had to drive home on a hang over with his exhaust system i would just shoot my self. so borla is a lil more tame for thouse times on driving home on a long road

Please when ever some one gets some information on this exhaust get on the board as fast as possible. and start talkin about it
Nothing yet. =( Anyone have a rep on the inside that can give us a date since it's a few weeks overdue?
i emailed borla the other day and the response was to ping them in 30 days for pricing. we'll see i guess.

Anyone have a sound clip of this exhaust ??? I'm dying to know what it sounds like.
I recieved the same email a little over a month ago, to check back in 30 days. TAndrews do you have insight on this matter?
According to Thouston he recieved an email from borla that pricing and specs should be out in 2-4 weeks. Also to expect a 5-7% increase in power.
Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see what they come out with :)
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