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Borla Exhaust

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Any of you guys in Southern California interested in doing some testing with Borla exhaust?
I recently sent an email to them requesting a date for an exhaust kit. David Borla responded asking me to let them test it on my IS. Unfortunately I'm in Dallas so, I told him I'd ask if anyone would be interested. My only stipulation was that I got the first production kit.

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So, does someone have a Borla Exhaust System on their IS yet? From some of the later posts, it appears as though one person did and the rest of us are waiting for pricing / Borla to come to market with the system.

I'm guessing there are some folks on here who probably love the "quad pipes" but I wish Borla would make an additional version that just trimmed things down to two large pipes, which is what I'd rather put on. I think the quad pipes are a nice design attempt and being original but I haven't met anyone who likes them.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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