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Borla Exhaust

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Any of you guys in Southern California interested in doing some testing with Borla exhaust?
I recently sent an email to them requesting a date for an exhaust kit. David Borla responded asking me to let them test it on my IS. Unfortunately I'm in Dallas so, I told him I'd ask if anyone would be interested. My only stipulation was that I got the first production kit.

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E-mail and call is in. If I can help I will :)

They are just a short drive on the Freeway from me... well short in Lexis IS F terms that is!!! Well worth the drive and time....

I'll keep everyone posted....
Opportunity still open! Borla needs IS F assistence !

I had a great telephone conversation with David Borla last night. Great guy with a ton of knowledge and a fantastic attitude about making his products perform to the consumers wants and needs. However I a not currently able to fit their timing requirements so they are still looking for a Develpment Partner to assist them!

They will need your IS F for about 10 working days. They will do what they can to assit your needs during the 10 days or so that they will have your new IS F.... If you are interested please contact Mr. David Borla at Borla Performance Industries, Oxnard, CA. or myself and I'll forward you his contact info....
to far for but I would love to see what comes out of it.....
I spoke with Dave Borla, and I'm driving my IS-F out to California this weekend to have them do an exhaust for me. They will Dyno it and I will give you all an update when it's done. I might even do a YouTube before and after video with sound.

That is good news to hear.

Please get dyno before and after, and if possible have a sound meter handy to record sound level inside the car and out.

Thanks in advance.

Is the Borla offer still open? Oxnard is 30min from me and I would be up for it!
I already have an appointment to leave my car with them next week. Depending on how it goes I'm sure they will be designing an exhaust system for the IS-F in the next few months.
^cool! do you know if it's going to be an axle-back or cat-back?
I believe cat-back, but we havn't discussed specifics. Going there tomorrow, will post this weekend after I talk with him.
Spent some time yesterday with Dave Borla at Borla Performance Industries. We put my IS-F on a lift and talked about the design of the exhast. He is definitely going to be making it a FUNCTIONAL quad exhast. Those tips will no longer be for show. He understands that the stacked exhast is a trademark of the car, and the design will incorporate that.

we also talked about making 2 production versions of the exhaust. One will completly be a new exhaust system, removing the emissions control. The other will leave the emission control on and will just be replacing the muffler and pipes.

This is all just discussion right now. I've left my car with him for a couple of weeks so they can work on it. I'll keep everyone updated as i know more.
keep us updated on the design, styles, performance gains etc....
Ooops too late. I'm 30min. from Oxnard too. mancillaSam, you don't happen to own a white one in SB do you?
might have been me with the white F
did you park by the EDD building on Ortega? If so your'e the first F I've seen on the street. My wife spotted a red one on State St. the same day. Did you buy it from DCH Oxnard? I got the silver one, second F sold from them. You were probably the first.
So I finally picked up my car from Borla Performance Industries. Let me just say they did a fantastic job, unfortunately due to cost and warranty issues associated with removing those 'Quad Exahuast Tips' they were unable to do anything cosmetic to the car.

That being said the sound is AWESOME!!!!!! I was worried that it might sound 'ricey', however they really captured the essence of a large 5litre V8. I had a 450mile drive back to Arizona today, so I really got a chance to put the car through it's paces. What you really notice is the sound at the lower rpms. Before the car was really quite until it hit that magic 4000rpm mark, now you have a deep sounding exhaust just when it's idling. What's great to is it's not obnoxious like you hear on some cars, it's enough to get noticed, however it's not over the top.

When I got back to Scottsdale first thing I did was take it to the carwash. I'm not kidding there must have been about 7 different guys come up to me to ask me about my car, and without even saying anything they all commented on how badass it sounds.

Dave and the guys did a great job. I wasn't able to speak with them on friday, so I havn't gotten any dyno reports yet. As soon as I get them, I'll post them. In terms of performance I can't say I can really feel it, however when you increase the HP by 20 on a 420HP car, I don't think it's that easy to tell.

So, if you really want to add a little touch to your IS-F, and give it even more of a muscle car type feel I would definitely recommend getting this exhaust. Don't know pricing or time line for when it will be available, I will also post that info when I get it.
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we want vids and sound clips!! :) sounds good so far.
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