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Hello All,
This is Chris Higgins w/Borla Performance Industries in Oxnard, CA. I thought I would hop in & answer a few questions about our systems. We do have our tips positioned & welded to the mufflers to correspond to the fascia tip exit points used by Lexus. While I wasn't able to find our dyno results, but I do have our flowbench test results. Also, I've included the weights of our exhaust systems.

Rear Section (aka Axel-Back) p#11765
  • Street Legal
  • Bolts up to the factory 3" flange and splits into dual 2.5" tubing
  • Weighs 30lbs
  • Flowbench Test - Flows 236 more cubic inches of water than stock

True Dual Cat-Back p#12656
  • Race System - NOT Street Legal
  • Dual 2.5" tubing all the way from factory flanges
  • Weighs 54lbs
  • Flowbench Test - Flows 366 more cubic inches of water than stock

Thanks for your interest in our product & let me know if you have any other technical questions!:D

Chris Higgins
Borla Performance Industries
[email protected]
Direct 805-246-6000
Toll-Free 877-GO-BORLA


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Speaking for virtually all of us, thanks for jumping in this forum and clarifying any confusion. Can you give us some data on the sound/decibels of your off road system?

We don't have dB ratings on either of these systems. The rear section is a little louder than stock at idle and significantly noticeable at WOT. The off-road system will of course be more aggressive than the street legal rear section all-around.

Thanks for joining and helping us understand more about your system Chris. I would really like to see some of the dyno results if you find them :cool:
I am still not able to find the dyno results; we welcome a thrid-party dyno testing. Also, someone asked about the tubing size we use. The rear section comes from one 2.75" pipe into dual 2.5". The off-road system is dual 2.5" all the way back.

Thanks again for your interest in our product,
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