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Borla Exhaust

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Just FYI.. The Borla exhasut for the IS-F is out. I just saw it on their website for $899.99. It's not a true dual exhaust but the muffler's have quad outlets.:(
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after much debate I also just ordered the Borla axle back system. Felt the Joe Z created a little to much interior noise for my taste although it does sound terrific! Will keep everone posted with pics and vid.
I do not have the JoeZ but had a chance to do a ride along and hear first hand from outside drive-by to interior at various speeds. Spoke with Chris at Borla and he convinced me the axle back should be what I'm looking for. Ordered from Speedfreaks and expected ship date is 5/18. Will keep everyone updated with progress and results.
OK guys just installed the Borla axle back and it's everything I had hoped for!! Fit and finish are excellent (per photos), system at idle has very deep rich tone and slightly louder than stock but much deeper sound quality. At steady cruise again nice mellow tone but more pronounced than stock. At heavy to WOT WOW!! it really barks but again with a classic big block V8 sound quality. I know I know "sound vids please"!! Trying to get something better than cell phone so will do my best. This system in IMO has really added a new personality to the car. I haven't turned the radio on since I had it installed! As a side note, although I didn't actually weigh the stock vs. borla, from carrying each around my estimate is @ 20 lb. weight savings. The stock system is a "boat anchor"! If your priority for an exhaust is primarily sound with some increase in HP (@ 10-12) this is it!!!

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thanks for the positive response guys and for those interested we did a side by side comparison video of the borla axle back vs. the Joe-Z. Post can be found on Club Lexus website, IS-F forum. The Post is by DRE1615 under "Exhaust Symphony". Not the best sound quality but still kind of cool. Will be updating with better video source and maybe add some in car side by side performance runs.
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