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Borla Exhaust

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Just FYI.. The Borla exhasut for the IS-F is out. I just saw it on their website for $899.99. It's not a true dual exhaust but the muffler's have quad outlets.:(
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I ordered the Borla offroad system today for my IS-F, the stainless catback plus Xpipe. I live in West Palm Beach, FL and there is a company in Boynton Beach called 21st
Century Exhaust that has it, they are a wholesaler. Got it for $920 and it will take about 7 days to get here........i will keep you posted.
Sure thing, i will keep you up to date..............and yes, i will probably stick it on the dyno when finished. :)

I installed the Borla Cat-back exhaust system plus x-pipe today, the offroad version. I was thinking at first, oh damn what did i do and thought it would be rediculously loud but no.......and DAAYYYYUUUMMMM does it sounds good. Pretty sure that Borla installed my own personal cheerleaders in the pipes. It sounds deep and throaty. I stuck my car on the dyno before stock today and it produce 344rwhp and 318 torque, after it produced 354rwhp and 326 on torque, it was a hot day down here though and not much airflow. I forgot the printouts for the dyno but will pick them up early on in the week when i go back to get the k&n system installed.
finally an independent dyno on the borla off-road system. doesn't compare in gains to the joe-z system tho as the borla system added about 10hp compared to 22hp on the joe-z. maybe if the conditions were better, you would have seen better than the 10hp gains....

i'd be really curious to see what the k&n does. you should do a pre and post install dyno on the k&n also
well i will run the dyno again after i install the k&n since we already know what it runs after the Borla it won't be hard to figure out. I am not sure however what Borla was claiming. I was showing a very low air-fuel ratio, anyone else had problems with this? Not usre on the numbers exactly, will get them when i go back Monday.
Were these SAE corrected results!? I can't believe it only gave you 10hp considering it's almost identical to the PTS JoeZ series. 2.5" tubing, x pipe, high flow mufflers etc. Something doesn't sound right. Also not sure how many runs you did on the dyno buy typically the 3rd and 4th consecutive run will yield the highest numbers. So if you took your highest baseline and compared to only your first run with the new exhaust I could then see where you only showed a 10hp gain. Hell my first run on the dyno with the new exhaust showed only 3hp gain, but by the 3rd and 4th runs I was at the 20 hp gained mark.
Funny that you say that because i actually pulled 10hp the first time, the second was less. Like i said, it was very hot and humid today here in south
florida and they had fans blowing from the front but not enough to do anything, not sure if this could have made a difference.
i was saying run the dyno before and after the k&n install just because your numbers with the borla seem a little bit low... if you compare to those numbers, it might inflate the true gains with the k&n. would be nice to get a new "base" before the install.
True, will do.
Hey guys, it has taken a while for me to get around to this sorry.......but here is a quick clip of the Borla i through on the F.
I put the K&N system on last week as well and damn does it sound fierce. Im going to put a couple videos up this week of some drive by's so check it out. People freak when i roar by them now!!
I like your rims too. What size rubber do you have on those? Any mods to accomodate those?

Also, did you see the oem rims? If so, how much did you get for them, if I may ask?

they are 20x9.5 in the front and 20x11 in the rear, got them from out of miami, check them out, they have great wheels. I kept my stock rims though. I am trying to get a couple more video's when it quits raining down here to post.
The Borla sounds kind of raspy, where are the JoeZ sounds very throaty. I have the JoeZ and like the JoeZ better...yeah, I'm a little biased :D
Understandable, but at least give me a chance to post the drive by pics!! Its sounds raspy while sitting still but very deep while driving, im not a hater, i like the Joe Z as well. :D
to be honest, im not sure on the offsets..........but no rubbing whatsoever.
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