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Borla dual with x-pipe

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Just installed and loving it! Sounds awesome. FItment was better than what i've read on forums!
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Any droning. I was going to get this one but a couple folks sadi it was droning at cruise speeds and I did not want that.
I had fitment issues with mine. It had to be spot welded in place. Probably just one of a few systems where quality control slipped.

It drones at one sweet spot of RPMs which is not a problem if you drive in sport mode.

Exhaust + Intake = Completely different sounding car ( for the better )
Droning is minimal.
I installed a Borla axle back system last year. No issues with fitment and dual muffler outlets lined up perfectly with quad diffusers. Nice deep tone which only got better with miles! Minor droning @ 70 mph in 8th gear but no big deal. Continue to be very happy with the system. :)
i'm sure my 12" subs will drown the drone... :p
My boss installed and found to be too loud for him. so if any of you canadian guys intrested email me back. Exhaust has 200km on it and is putting stock back on. First $1195.00 cdn takes it!

Let me know
Gripmotorsports has it new for $1094.90 shipped.
This is a US web site. How much to ship???? Anyways this is for Canadian and local customer. I will install no charge in Calgary if anyone interested. This is eing sold at our cost...
Too loud? I was hoping that wasn't the case. Good luck on the sale.
Update, Owner Wants Exhaust Gone. Local Guys Get Free Install!
Let Me Know
I put mine on last week, (Borla cat back and x-pipe). Very very easy to install, in less than an hour it was done, we were two and we had a garage lift. It fit perfect and the quality is good. The sound is absolutly awesome, it's perfect, classic Borla mean sound, i thought it would be too much but it's just what i wanted. It turns heads like never before lol!!
Can you talk on the phone without problems with borla cat back and sikky headers??
Can you talk on the phone without problems with borla cat back and sikky headers??
depend on what phone and service provider you have... :p
^^^ haha ok, assuming you don't have crap mobile... can you hear and be heard over the exhaust note with i/h/e while using bluetooth or your handset?
if you're mashing it then i'm not really freeway speeds you'll be ok...
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