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Bore of the IS-F wheels?

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Please will someone tell me the bore of the IS-F wheels?

A thread on says 72.62mm, which is larger than the standard Lexus bore of IIRC 60.1mm and my mate's Mazda, for which he's trying to find a set of these wheels.

The info below my signature is the accordnet's measurements for the wheels.

Thanks for any help.


Front Size : 19 x 8J
Rear Size : 19 x 9J
Offset Front : 45.8mm
Offset Rear : 55.0mm
Center Bore : 72.62mm
Pitch Circle Diameter : 114.3mm
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Most all aftermarket rims/wheels for a Lexus will require a hubcentric ring due to the small size of the hub bore.
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