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Booster seat???

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Anyone have a booster seat in the back that fits decent in the deep narrow seat pocket?

Tried the search and nothing came up to help. Thanks.
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I use the Backless Turbobooster from Graco. It seems to fit pretty well. We have another version that flairs out at the base and it doesn't work well at all.
Thats what I have is the ones with the wide base and its not real compatible with the rear seats so I know what you mean. Thanks for the tip.
I have two car seats in the back of my IS-F one rear facing Recaro, with a pool noodle under to level it, behind the passengers. I've 5'10" and seat there sometimes and it's comfortable. I'd recommend this protector though
Oh man do I crap my pants when I put a booster seat back there!!! I'm scared that one day its going to puncture the leather and you'll hear my screams from the four corners of the Earth!!lol
Thanks for the link, I currently put a thick towel folded up under mine to try and raise it a little to fit better and protect the leather.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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