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Booster Seat for IS F

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My 6 year old loves the ISF ("Go faster Dad") but his booster seat fits poorly...too wide for the narrow contoured rear seats. I have been making due with some towels wrapped around a plastic box (which isn't quite as bad as it sounds). I am using it just to get him high enough that the seatbelt rides correctly and he can see out well.

Anyone find a booster that fits well?
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i have a graco booster seat. it is not a regular one as u can remove the back support of it and just have the bottom for my son to sit on and use the back seat for support on my car.
Thanks...I actually have the same one but fnd it a bit wide and a poor fit...will shop a bit this weekend.
I have the Evenflo Big Kid booster seat. It seemed to have one of the smaller bases, but it still doesn't sit completely flat. It seems to locate the seat belt properly on my 4 year old.

Good Luck,

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS F
You can check with the ebay stores or the local dealer they can provide the seat cover.
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