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Bluetooth - Blackberry Tour 9630

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I'm thinking of switching to Verizon and getting the Blackberry Tour 9630. This phone does not show up on Lexus' bluetooth compatibility site for my '08 IS-F w/ Navi.

Does anyone have this phone? Do you think there will be any connection issues? I'd hate transfer carriers and buy it and then find out it's not compatibile with the car.

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I have the new BB Tour through Verizon and it works perfectly with the IS F! No problems----and a great phone. Buy without worries
I have the new BB Tour through Verizon and it works perfectly with the IS F! No problems----and a great phone. Buy without worries
Thanks, I'll strongly consider this phone now.
I also have the Tour paired with my IS F. It works ok, but there is definitely an issue with the Tour bluetooth. The sound is hit or miss. Sometimes I cannot be heard clearly. Supposedly RIM is aware of the problem and will issue a software fix.
Well I have to say, that I have not noticed this problem. Mine seriously works flawlessly.:)
I have the Tour paired with my ISF, although I use Sprint - not Verizon. I'm pleased today, but maybe it's worth mentioning a weird experience...

Two weeks after connecting the phone, every time I would start the car, the NAV screen would indicate that I was "Calling." Never a number. No indication of anything on the phone. No matter whether the phone was holstered or sitting in the passenger seat.

So I'd have to hit the "Hang Up" button. And that was it.

Two weeks or so after that started, it stopped and hasn't done it since. :confused:

Its all in the BB operating system. I was playing around with different OS's for the Bold and it did some pretty wierd things with regards to bluetooth. Finally settled on one of the older OS's and its back to normal in my F. The BB's pair very quickly and work great in bluetooth mode I assure you.
The Tour OS release version (Verizon has issues with Bluetooth. It is well documented. Supposedly it is fixed with a new version that should be out any day now. I believe the new Sprint version is already out.
i have a problem with my tmobile g1. i paired it but i can't speak to the mic or hear it over the speaker system. i can hear the voice from the phone and looks like the mic gets muted so i can't speak to the phone or the car's bluetooth. i been usin speaker phone on my cell and i looked at the list of phones for the isf and the g1 should work. if anyone can help please pm.
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