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Blue IS-F's

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Anybody know the percentage of Blue IS-F's? I was looking for an '08 IS-F and finding a blue one is impossible in CA with decently low miles (<20K). Also another dumb question, but does the car have a lot of trunk room? I only ask because I golf alot and my current car is a pain in the a$$ to haul clubs around in. I drove the IS-F at a test drive, but didn't pay attention to the trunk. BTW the car is bananas and definitely won me over the M3 coupe.

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Don't know production numbers but I contacted a dealer and had one shipped from Texas and they didn't charge me for shipping, so dealers are definitely willing to deal if you go talk with them. Also, just went golfing today and clubs fit with no problems, much better than the small trunk in my G35C. You could still put two bodies back there with the bags, lol.
To me the trunk space is pretty darn good. I think it is just as big or bigger than my previous Acura TL.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-AF
I fit 2 adult sets of clubs just fine. Beats the crap out of my Mustang with the Shaker 1000 stereo- i can't even fit 1 set! But i CAN put the top down and prop 'em in the back seat, so all is not lost..
Don't know the exact percentage of 08 Ultrasonic Blues out there, but I do know it's a very small percentage as there were more White, Silver, Black and Gray ordered. Matador Red and Ultrasonic Blue are hard to find.
Haha, I actually got this car cause the trunks alot bigger than my G37 coupe. Seeing the cars that you drive, the IsF has a cave for a trunk, that is unless you fold the rear seats down on your RsX
Thanks for the information everyone. This will help alot. I do put the back seats down on the RSX when I golf, but when I have three people in the car it gets pretty cramped. I'm glad it has a large trunk. I think I'm just going to wait until I find a ultrasonic blue in my general area at a decent b/c I'm not in a huge hurry. I waited on both of my other cars and got great deals.
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