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Black or Silver?

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Hey guys im new to this forum. and i just wanted to say Hi!

i am getting a Lexus ISF in about a week or two?.

and at our local dealer over here they have a Black and a Silver one.
but i cant choose between the two i don't know which one i like better i think i like the black better?. but!
i know black if you don't take care of it right it looks horrible after a while (had two black cars in the past). and the silver i like it but it looks a little more Calm i guess you can say ?. but i know silver never looks dirty and you never get swirl marks.. i kind of wanted to get a Vote on what you guys would go for?.

also if some one has a Lease going on if they can tell me what there payment is going for. and how much down?

and if there is any after market more horse power gain stuff out there
like a air intake and Exhaust

thanks guys and i highly appreciate who ever posts back for all the information

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Not a bad price OLD. I picked up my Starfire pearl in April with 1.4K for 48.5K .Still loving the car!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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