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black and white rims on a white F??

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Hey what do you guys think of this?
I liked how these rims looked on the white BMW 135 but I think it looks a little weird on the IS-f

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Here's an F with flat black wheels and a white lip you might find interesting

Would the wheels your looking at be black? It says it in the title but they look greenish on the pic
Thats my friends F it looks completely different now! ill post up some pictures the car is beautiful
big mike, they are matte black with a gloss white lip.
interesting pic of the other f, the design doesnt really look sporty enough to be on a is-f though.

heres the link to pics of the car (2008 M3) that the rims were stolen from
Post those pics when you have a chance, im curious to see what it looks like now
I've never really been a fan of white paint on rims for any car. It looks really cheesy, worse than chrome in my opinion.
NOT for me

I don't like it. I would pass on those rims if I were you. I was wondering myself what it would look like, but now that I have seen it I think I'll stay stock for now.

Thanks for the pic.

BTW I don't like it on the M3 either.
yea i loveee the stock rims, they're amazing. I just wanted to see what you guys thought.
Lately ive been seeing alot of white m3 and 3series bmw's with black and red rims and they looked kinda cool.
They just had a really thin line around the rim though
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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