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BigMike's New Wheels

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Howdy everyone,

It's been a little while since I've posted pics up here so I figured it was about time to do so. I recently changed the wheel setup on the F and I would like to thank Clark with VIP Auto Salon out in California for helping me select, purchase and track down (UPS lost one in transit) these awesome wheels :thumbup: Clark would wake up and call UPS in the morning, afternoon and night until they found the lost package. He was there for me and helped me out tremendously by stepping in when the unexpected occurred and thus I will not go anywhere else for any of my F parts.

The wheels might look familiar to some as they are Clark's old set of Work GS3's with the Black Chrome Centers and Polished Lips. They are slightly more aggressive than my previous set and give the car quite a different look/stance. There is some stuff up my sleeve for the upcoming months so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy. Below is just a teaser for now, I have more photos, including rolling shots, coming my way :D :cool:

And for you whiskey/Crown Royal fans:

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Hi Mike

Saw your post on the other forum too. Even though I'm not a 20" guy with this car, I luv your wheels. Your F still looks great.

Your car looks great! I like the new wheels!
^^Thanks guys, I appreciate it! The car is proving to still be a blast and it seems like its never fully completed :D
Still lookin good Mike. I like the setup. Can't wait to see what you do next.
mike ur car looks insane.. i just made account here, n will have pics of my car up asap as the tein springs are being put on now.i have a 2010 black isf n the wheels finally came in yesterday after 6 weeks of waiting.i went with 20.10 20.8.5 i think lol forgiato andatas all black.loving the car n the wheel setup. pics very soon for u all.
also i seen in another thread you were lookin to get a kit maybe sumtime early this year. i would def be interested in buying ur lexon front lip for anyone elses for that matter..
i saw your car the other night (new years eve)...i think you were at a party in downtown dallas at the FIG.
Yes, that was me. I stopped by FIG to see what it was like on New Years. I didn't see any other F's there. Were you attending the party as well or just driving downtown?
Excellent photography; very well presented!

BTW, love the color. :)
^Thank you very much, I appreciate it :cool:
its awsome!! just wondering the offset for your WORK GS3 wheels? 20x9 and 20x11 will it rub badly? or did you do any fender rolling? I really love these sets of wheels. anywhere can buy it? let me know please. Thanks!!
^^ Thank you Chinkzzz. The offsets are 34 in the front (20x9) and 52 in the rear (20x11). The fenders are rolled all the way in the rear and will probably have to be pulled out slightly if I go any lower :cool:
Very nice! Car looks good man.
Your car is super clean, not usually a fan of Silver seeing as its a popular color but yours is sick. Love the wheel and color scheme choices. Do you get a lot of flak from the police with 5%? Here in Georgia they give you hell for 20%.
What can I say, black wheels are trendy nowadays.
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