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Big Throttle

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from what i read about it when looking into it they used a bigger TB and ported it which equaled about 5hp for them.
also check icode they did it first.
i wouldnt expect a new throttle body to make much more hp. it would be more about the throttle response for me....
also check icode they did it first.
Ahh yes.. the one for the IS-F is a beauty by them!!!

i-Code IS-F throttle upgrade


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If you want quicker throttle response, the TOMS LTS should be a good option. Because our throttle is controlled electronically, a bigger t/b is not going to remedy the feel. The LTS is adjustable and allows flexibility from normal to aggressive.
How much power could this mod make? Im thinking something sub 5hp
How much can u get them for? And is it worth it
We did one for a customer. I will post the dyno sheets once we get it on the dyno.
yeah hopefully that is soon, like when i leave ;)
Is that a machined stock TB or is it a new casting?
Great timing with Pics again Joe.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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