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Best Price in So Cal, where to buy for 42k

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Hey guys i read from a thread someone bought one for 42k at the dealer in So Cal. Does anyone know where and who bought it so i can get some info to get one for the same price thanks.
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Yeah good luck finding one at that price. You can probably find one for $42k used with mileage or if you have a trade and or large cash down involved. Take what you see with a grain of salt. Chances are, those amounts are too good to be true.
yeah thats seems unusually low. I can see below 50K, but 42K that is 20K below MSRP. All then time hunting could be spent driving the crap out of the F ;)
Well that price might sound reasonable if there are still some 08 Fs still in the dealership in 2-3 months.
The car that we are speaking of, was a rare bird indeed. It didn't have ML or Nav., but it did have headlight washers. If true, and it appears it was, it was a great buy, a one of a kind deal. Something the dealer was trying to dump because of it's lack of equipment. It was one I wish I had the chance to buy. I have Nav & ML. The ML is OK, but I do not use Nav. at all, I use the navigation in my phone. When I was looking, I actually looked for a stripper, but the nearest one I could find was on the east coast. Guess I didn't look hard enough. However, I do luv my car, and I guess the rear view camera is worth the price of admission. My wife, who does not have Nav. gives me grief every time we go out, and I back out of the garage:eek:

yeah i figured it was probably used or some what. i appreciate any kind of help so if you guys see a good deal on a white one let me know thanks. doesnt have to be new. i'm fine with a used one for around 40k
The dealer was located in Jersey and from when I asked the buyer since Im in NJ too was that he was friends with Manager but total came out to about 45K out the door w/ taxes/reg etc....GL finding one
i dont mind paying 45k out the door for a brand new one. only if the manager can tell someone at Longo to do that for me haha
I'll bet it was a demo car with a few miles on it and no equipment like lowrider said.
Just to let you know, we just sold our StarFire Pearl with Alpine interior for $48,000 with 3,100 miles on it.
Just an FYI I bought my brand new Black 08 loaded with everything from Hendricks Pleasanton Lexus in Pleasanton, Ca for $49,500. This was two weeks ago. The prices ARE coming down (like many new cars collecting cobwebs on the lot, but I did not want to miss the car that I REALLY wanted so I bought it, (as the 08's are starting to run out).
wishful thinking man. it's either gonna be salvaged or used at that price. i don't think pricing will get any lower. '08s are getting harder to come by now. the $5k incentive again expires on 3/2. it was already extended from last month.
if you can find me a good deal andy and shipped to me in los angeles i'll think about it.
I think the F's may stabilize in the mid 40's if Toyota cuts '09 production drastically, which they will, and people aren't forced into fire sales by unemployment, etc. Once the '08's are cleared and incentives end, that may keep prices out of free fall for '08's going forward.....

I'm just ticked they changed that stimulus bill on the sales tax deduction for new cars...I bought in Dec. and now missed the opp. for a nice was at one time for anyone buying new from Nov. 12th on (full ded. up to a price of $49,500) ....and now it is anyone buying after the bill was signed... which is 2/17, I think, thru 2009....bummer. :(
$48,000 with 3100 miles on it?
is it with tax and everrthing for $48,000?

No, that was the price of the car. It is a Rare color combination StarFire Pearl with the Alpine Interior.
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