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Best Mileage on Tires ?

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How often do you guys need new shoes for your IS-F? I do understand that most of you have new cars and less than 15k miles ... But does anyone have any idea like, what does Lexus or manufacturer promise on those tires and what miles do they run in reality?

Also how much do replacement tires cost (est.)?
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Lexus has a disclaimer decal on the cars and in the owners manual stating the tires installed on the car may have a limited life span of 15k miles or less.

Lexus ISF comes from the factory with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 or Bridgestone Potenza RE050A.

Prices from tire rack are as follows:

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A:

FRONT: 225/40R19 - $275.00 (each)
REAR: 255/35R19 - $229.00 (each)

Michelin Pilot Sport PS2:

FRONT: 225/40R19 - $321.00 (each)
REAR: 255/35R19 - $311.00 (each)

Your tire wear will vary and be dependent on driving style and conditions. My 2009 ISF which is 15 months old has about 28.5K miles on the odometer with the factory PS2's that came on the car. There is about 4/32" left on the rear and 5/32" on the fronts. Majority of my driving is freeway.
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Really depends on how you drive, I have 8000miles on my F and my rear tires are still 8/32nds tread left.. I wont be able to tell you how many miles I will be totalling up on the F with the oem tires because I traded it in 2 days ago for a Sienna.. lol
for a SIENNA !:eek:
Wait ... is it the S.E ??? That thing is KOOOOOOL man !!!:cool:
btw I bet u didnt have to pay anything after trading in the F :p
I have 27k and about 5/32" left....mainly freeway as well..mixed in with some aggresive driving here and long as you dont abuse the dadgum car you should get at least 20k+ depending on habits...I'm pleased with the wear as well as the break pads..
for a SIENNA !:eek:
Wait ... is it the S.E ??? That thing is KOOOOOOL man !!!:cool:
btw I bet u didnt have to pay anything after trading in the F :p
haha,, yes,, for a Sienna!!! and its not the SE.. they just started production on the SE and wont be available till next month... I looked into the SE at first but ended up with the Limited mainly cause the SE didnt have an option for Leather, Navi, or Rear TV!!! Btw,, I had to put out $1000 on top of the F for the new Sienna... I got every option except for AWD, Hid, and smart cruise. The van stickered for $43,869 Although Toyota is having bad rep right now, the Sienna is not affected by any recall, plus,, its a totally re-designed vehicle that just started popping up in dealers like 2 weeks ago.. When I went to see the van,, it just came off the truck 15mins prior to my arrival to the dealer!! I did get some discount on the van but nothing like invoice shopping on a 2011 being purchased in March of 2010!! lol I like the van,, its pretty awesome,, Dual Sunroof, Pwr Sliding Doors, Pwr Liftgate, Pwr 3rd row seat, Lounge style Lazyboy captain seats in the middle aisle,, 16.4inch widescreen flipdown tv, JBL system that sounds just as good as the ML in the F!! Touchscreen Navi w. Back-up camera that has the color line guides, Rear-Tilt mirror just like the F with pwr folding mirror!! Yeah,, pimping in the mini-van....
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oh,, not to be an arse,, the life of the tires really depends on how you drive. seriously,, how many miles are you expecting from your tires if you just sit at a spot and peel out or do a burn out for 2 whole mins? and how much wear will there be on a tire that you just cruise on the highway with?? I've seen 7year old tires with over 50% tread left and I've seen 3month old tires that needed replacement due to bad camber issues.
I thought this site was for IS-F/LFA discussions..a lot of talk about a Sienna van..just an observation and no offense....Don't see a benefit to the Lexus community-especially is-f / lfa (future owners) LOL....
Go ahead then,, make a post about how white your starfire pearl is on your isF,, make another post about how black your brake dust are on your isF and then another post about how nice the $750 Lexon lip would look on your IsF.... Better yet,, do a post on how to spell IsF..... I.....S.....F......!!!!
Whats the point of even posting?? isnt this "how long does your stock tires last" all over this forum with like maybe 50 postings??
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