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Best Mileage on a Full tank of Gas

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What is the best mileage you got on your babe with a full tank of gas? Please dont forget to mention if it was ALL HIGHWAY or ALL CITY or MIX commute.

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i'm avg about 200-230ish mixed highway and city, i don't baby her by any means
I got 395 miles, all highway. I know when the range gauge goes to 0mi you still have 2 gallons left, and I purposely waited to fill up because I wanted to hit 400 miles. Unfortunately, I was driving through an unfamiliar state and felt like the exits were getting sparse ---- didn't want to run out of gas and look like a dummy.

One day, I will get day.
well, i just got my f 3 weeks ago, and ive been averaging about 100 miles to the tank, lol... hopefully this 416hp starts to get boring so i can get better mileage, however dont see that happening anytime soon...
I get around 300 mostly city before I fill up and there are still a few gallons left. The highest tank average I've ever gotten was like 25 mpg when I was on the hwy.
hwy rite after filling to full. about 36.7 for about 10 mins... then dropped to 25mpg after couple of more min... :)
i was just seeing how high it would go...
usually i avg between 21-25 freeway 18-20 local... trying to save gas :)
Best right after a fill up on the highway and no traffic was 28 mpg. I am 7 miles from work so I am mainly stop and go. If I keep my foot out of it then I can average 18 to 20 but its consistently about 14 to 17, First gear is soooooo fun!!!!
I get about 170-190 miles... Half city half high way...
My average MPG has gradually dropped from 19.5 when I first got the car to like 17.3 :/ Not sure why, unless the 80-90mph straight for 150 miles when I commute to school knocks down the MPGs.
i drove from nyc to albany and back and averaged 24.9 mpg last weekend.

a couple of interesting facts.

the way up i drove 80mph set cruise, only had to take off a few times and averaged 25.2

the way home i drove at 70mph, which brought down the average to the 24.9.

unless the altitude change was a factor, the car did slightly better going faster.

the "best" mileage i ever got was driving from the sunoco right past the GW bridge on the palisades to my exit #7 nanuet, about 20 miles. i know there is a negative altitude change traveling on this portion of road, and i got low 29 mph. forgot if it was 29.2 or 29.3
@matadorBP2: :eek: YOUR KIDDING ME !!!
Rest of all: Not so bad afterall. Considering its a V8, I think its pretty good mileage.

reason why I made this topic was to judge, if I should get the F as a daily driver OR keep it as a Weekend car and cancel any plans of selling my civic. My daily commute to work is 28 miles each way and about a 100 miles on the weekends. Thats roughly 400 miles a week. So im debating between using the extra cash (about$6k) as extra down payment or not. Ah lets see... Ill guess Ill wait for some more feedback from you guys and I might create another interesting topic related to .... RUBBER :p
I've Driven about 21,000 miles and have yet to reset the fuel consumption
and over all 20.6 MPG. Which I feel is GREAT! My best is 26.2 and my worst is 16.1.
Man i Love this car....
I let my wife drive the ISF during the week because it is the only comfortable vehicle we have (others are S2000, lifted Dodge Ram, and Honda CBR1000RR). She averages about 80 mph, mostly highway driving, and has bouts of spirited driving. When she is driving, she averages about 20-21 mpg. When I get a hold of it on the weekends, the gas mileage goes down to 18-19, but that is more city driving, and I get on the throttle more often. On an average week, we get 300 miles per tank.
I have been just shy of the 300 mile mark on the first two tanks of fuel on my 09 ISF.
I drive mostly highway then street roughly 75%/25% I get about 24mpg hwy and about 21 city. I dont step on the accelarator much. And the most miles to zero on my gauge has been 344 miles.
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