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Best Intake

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Best Intakes???

Just upgraded my 01 IS300 to an 08 ISF.

The simple mods that I have made so far:
Hardwired Escort 9500ix
Tinted Windows
Clear Bra

Next I am looking to install the Escort Zr4 Laser Shifter and an aftermarket Intake.

I wanted to know if the aftermarket intake makes a difference to the hp and mpg, if so, what is the best intake to get?

Also, please make and suggestions what other simple mods that I can make.

Thanks in advance
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No intake will really make a difference. I had the K&N Typhoon intake and it absolutely screams in the higher RPMs. It sounds awesome.

But there's no real gain otherwise and I actually just switched back to the stock setup. With a cat-back I found the intake to just be too damn loud lol. I will be selling mine if you had any interest.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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