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Best headers

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the Forum so having trouble finding topics so I apologize if this has already been broughten up but I was looking to get some headers for the F. Any recommendations would be great on how I can make it scream! Thank you!
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That's easy. IMHO PPE makes the best headers available for the F:

I have the PPE ones on mine, they have a better fit and finish from what i've seen. But Sikky has made them for the longest, and the power gains are roughly the same.
It's going to make the car definitely faster either way.
Thanks guys for the quick reply! Those PPE's sure do look nice...Looks to be a lot of people complained about the Sikky's? Or am I wrong?
You guys aren't/haven't experienced any problems with yours?
And lastly, is there a significant change in the noise of the car? Looking for the loudest but cleanest noise possible and figured this a solid component to achieving that goal
IMHO PPE have the best one and 100000% compatible.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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