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Hi guys. I came to a really unfortunate situation in hitting two potholes within 10 minutes of each other. Both were devastating, as the first caused a bubble in the tire. That I'm not worried about as I can take care of it. The second pothole literally caused my rim to bend inward, about the size of half of a tennis ball in between two spokes. I had a couple of encounters with people who work with rims. One person said that reforging the rim will most likely cause it to crack during the reforging. Another said that if i get it reforged, then it would be really weak on the bent part and another pothole can cause the rim to crack. I finally went to the tire place to see about the tire alone, and they mentioned sending it out to a factory to be professionally fixed, and that it will be weak but will be done good.

Out of all of these opinions from people I feel at a total lost. I do have wheel and tire insurance with lexus, but it only offers reimbursement. The wheel to be replaced will cost $1,900, something I do not have right now. My eyes almost fell out of my head when I heard the price. To be honest I do not know what to really do and I feel unsafe driving around on this rim for long. Is there any advice out there for this kind of situation, or anyone selling a driver's frontside wheel for a decent price? So far i'm leaning to the tire place and having them shit it out since their pretty reputable, but everyone's advice is to just replace the wheel so I don't get trouble further on. Any advice on the matter? Thanks again.
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