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Bent Rim

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Hi guys. I came to a really unfortunate situation in hitting two potholes within 10 minutes of each other. Both were devastating, as the first caused a bubble in the tire. That I'm not worried about as I can take care of it. The second pothole literally caused my rim to bend inward, about the size of half of a tennis ball in between two spokes. I had a couple of encounters with people who work with rims. One person said that reforging the rim will most likely cause it to crack during the reforging. Another said that if i get it reforged, then it would be really weak on the bent part and another pothole can cause the rim to crack. I finally went to the tire place to see about the tire alone, and they mentioned sending it out to a factory to be professionally fixed, and that it will be weak but will be done good.

Out of all of these opinions from people I feel at a total lost. I do have wheel and tire insurance with lexus, but it only offers reimbursement. The wheel to be replaced will cost $1,900, something I do not have right now. My eyes almost fell out of my head when I heard the price. To be honest I do not know what to really do and I feel unsafe driving around on this rim for long. Is there any advice out there for this kind of situation, or anyone selling a driver's frontside wheel for a decent price? So far i'm leaning to the tire place and having them shit it out since their pretty reputable, but everyone's advice is to just replace the wheel so I don't get trouble further on. Any advice on the matter? Thanks again.
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dude, if you got the tire and wheel insurance from lexus, then just get it replaced there, put it on charge, and you should get compensated within a month... Tell me you are driving an IsF and dont even have enough credit to pay for a rim and tire for a month only.. why do you want to fix a bent rim when you have coverage on the rim? worst comes to worst, call your insurance company and file a claim,, I hope you have a $500 deductible only..
I agree with IsFly168. It's not worth salvaging it so just get a new replacement. No worries ahead.
There is an IS F rim on ebay for 775.00 as another option.
those rims are refurbished rims on ebay. seriously, Op has tire and wheel package, why are you gonna spend $800 plus another $300 on a tire when you can get it fixed for free, but just gotta pay up front and get compensated in probably 3-4weeks,,, sorry but the op just dont make sense and is wasting time here..
Have ya ever driven through the "ghetto" and seen all the Caddy's and Merc's and BMW's there....? Time to sell the car my friend...If even 5k puts any of us in the hole, we have bought a car that is over our heads. Driving on a known damaged wheel is a receipt for disaster, and one must ask themselves if they could live with the knowledge that their action caused serious injury to another because we were too cheap to buy another wheel.
I realize that I am new here and I may be chastised for posting, but I joined because I have 2 IS-F wheels that i got in trade. The wheels are FL and RL. I am not sure which one you messed up but i am happy to try to work something out with you.

I would post pics but since I have less than 10 posts it won't let me. I can provide references from other cars sites (vouches) and my ebay id if you prefer to transact that way.
Hey dude, give WHEELS TECHNOLOGY a call, the are damn good with repairing wheel. They are in Carrolton TX. Look them up.Good luck dude.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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