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Belt slipping noise

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anyone get like a skreachyyyyyy noise from under the hood it sounds like when i shift and high rpms i hear and if i race it gets louder only at shifts like 1st 2nd and alil on 3rd :confused:
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I hear a screechy giggling noise but is usually coming from the interior of the car. I think it's coming from me and any passengers!
Seriously, if you have something that doesn't sound right mechanically then make an appointment with your local dealer to get it checked out asap.
yea it does sound like that
you should def get it checked out!!
dammmm im going on sattttt this weekend
lexus has a TSB on the isf

hey guys my drive belt is sliping again i think is it 3 times to bring it in for a lemon law if i did im geting another fffffffffff hahahahahahahahahaha
damn that sucks Jack. They need to swap it with a gatorback goodyear belt haha.
yea rite for like a vettt or a stang bt i hope they fix it but if not i want a white one this time hahahahah
so youve taken it 3 times for the same problem? can you describe what happens when the belt slips and when it happens
yea it makes a skreeching noise when i shift hard from the front end
and is only the 2nd time
and is only the 2nd time
hmmm very weird, could be a problem with the actual way it was positioned. Factory defect?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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