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Behavior of a car under trail braking

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Hi y'all. I'm having great difficulty understand the handling characteristics of a car under trail braking.

Unfortunately I understand so little that I can barely even form the questions that I need answered, so bear with me.

First, lets establish the situation -- a car going around a corner and the driver is trail braking. The car is set up to be neutral. The slip of the tyres at the front, equal the slip angle of the tyres at the rear. All are at alpha peak slip angle, ie any more tyre deformation and the car loses grip.

First question. Is such a scenario even realistic?

Second question.What happens if the driver lock the wheels under braking? Is it a question of brake bias?

Third question. Would it be possible, under these circumstances to lose grip in all four tyres at once, ie to initiate a four wheel drift? How would one initiate the drift?
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