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Before and After

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well, I decided to give me ol' S2000 some mods, here are the results :p

I'm in love... :cool:
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Man, those were some well thought out, intelligent, awesome looking modifications! Nice Job.


I like everything except the license plate. Take the tickets if you have to just take it off. Same F as mine. Looks sweet.
LOL, thanks for the compliments! I can't wait to finish with the break-in process and unleash the beast within. Two 4 cylinders bolted together is gonna be some good fun! I'll post some more pics after I give her a good detailing. That reminds me, this forum needs a wash and wax forum.
Wow, nice paint job, looks like it's new ;) Congrats on the F!
I like what you've done with it!

Congrats on the new F!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
wow how you do that? Did you take it to West Coast Customs??
i think he took it to one of Xtreme's bodyshops in Dallas....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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