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We just got back from being out of town for the last 10 days so this morning it was time to get in some much missed seat time in the "F". Having just over 1000 miles on the car, it was fun to push it a bit more then I was restricted to per the MFG suggested break in. A quick warm up criuse for both the car and myself led to some fun freeway speeds and then a trip back up Pacific Coast Highway to Sunset Blvd, through the twisties, and back home with a nice fun cool down run through our local canyon and back. The face is hurting from all of the smiling! :)

However coming home after this mornings fun drive and then catching up of the post here lead me to wonder why the IS F is being called a "Beast" by so many here? I find it anything but! A beast does imply big, strong and powerful, but it also says unrully or ill mannered, two things I find the F is NOT!

I find the F a very well manered car, even when being pushed or asked to perform from a horsepower standpoint or from a handling standpoint. This mornings jaunt reminded me of just how very well the F will respond and behave in a very controled and predictable way, "Beasts" do not behave in any such manor. Calling the F a Beast does not do it justice and IMHO is an insult to the car. True it is powerful, though I wouldn't mind another 100 HP or so. But that in and of itself does not make it a beast. It knows how to control and get the maximum from the HP that it does have. Again, nothing about that is beast like.

Plus you don't need to chain it or whip it to control it when cornering. It loves to corner and to allow you the maximum fun from the experience. Again, this is not beast like to me...

Maybe the IS F would be better served if we called it something else? To me the IS F is a drivers car that wants to be driven. Most cars we just steer, navigate, and or ride in. The IS F can certainly be that if we want. But what IMHO it really wants, needs and begs for, is to be driven. It's a drivers car for someone who (in a safe and controled enviroment of course) is willing to take the F and let it run, play and to let free to do what it wants to do, what it was made to do, and that is to be driven and to reward the driver with a very pleasurable experience for letting the car run free. To me that is something very sophisicated, educated and refined, not beast like at all...
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