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BC racing coiovers for the F just got them

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BC racing coilovers for the F just got them

RETAIL $1250

Here are the pics. I may be able to install them in a week depending on what this next storm does.

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I just found out that BC also has a rubber bushing option vs. the pillow ball upper mounts. This should help some of the high freq noise I have seen as lower speeds and I will be testing them as soon as I have received them. Still trying to get some good vids, so stay tuned. I had a busy wekk last week and the snow storms did not help much ;) But its nice out today, so should be good.

Yes.. that rubber bushing option will give you back that "Lexus" feel so to speak.. :)

Also what kind of spring rates are you testing??

All the research I have done shows you should be in the 12kg for the fronts and 7kg for the rears...

Joe Z
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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