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bay area is-f

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can anyone refer me to any dealer they bought thier car from? I am in the market for one, and want to know how much you guys paid for one in the bay.

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^^No problem, wrong interpretation :) Check your PM :cool:

I'm in Los Angeles bought mine ML/NAV for $50375.00
Not an IS-F purchased, but I thought I'd bring a little closure to my posts here where I was considering an IS-F for a brief moment. I did come back to reality and just finalized my purchase on a new 2008 IS 350 today. I would have loved to own an IS-F and even test drove it while I was at the dealer, but it's too far out of range for me right now - maybe when I finish my MBA in a couple years;)

My final price on it was $36,850 w/ XM included (Before the taxes, tags, and dealer processing fees). It seems to be a pretty solid price from all my research so I'm happy. It's Smoky Granite Mika w/ Sports Package (which includes navi), Rear lip spoiler, parking assist, headlamp washers, and dealer preferred accessories. If I wanted the silver/tungsten IS 350 w/ Luxury package, I bet I could have gotten this price lower since there are still a few around the DC area, but I preferred the Smoky Granite and definitely wanted to Sports Package so I settled at this price.

Thanks again for the friendliness and help on this forum. I'll still continue to be a poser and lurk around.
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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