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battle of supercar

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TONIGHT TONIGHT battle of supercar

battle of supercar on speed ISF VS M3


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Too funny! I saw this commercial earlier tonight after the football game and I was going to start this same thread. Yeah it is next week on Battle of Supercars. Well at least it is according to SpeedTV's website, it is supposed to be on Sept 16 @ 7pm as "Factory Tuners." I checked it on Dish and it shows the Ariel Atom vs KTM. I search Dish's website and found "Factory Tuners" the ISF vs M3 showing to be Oct 4.

If anyone finds anything sooner let me know. I gotta watch it.
Yeah, I got excited when I saw it too. I originally tried the search through my dvr for it, but couldn't find it. That's why I ended up going on-line to get the info I did. But you never know Dish could be just listing it wrong. I've seen it wrong before. Either way next weeks episode is set to record just in case.

Maybe some of the other sat/cable companies list it for next week. Can someone check their system and let us know.
Yesterday's episode was pretty sick. Too bad for that Lambo, what a shame.
it's on right now. replay at 10.
Can you summarize the 3-1?

0-100-0 = M3 by 1/2 car using launch control
roll-on 60-100 = M3 by .27 second
1/2 mile sprint = M3 by .31 second
2.68 mile track = ISF
c'mon fellas. Don't give bimmer that much of credit. 60 to 100 was on .27 (just a bit over 1/4) of a second and 1/2 mile sprint was .31 or just under 1/3 of a second. But the F did jump on the 1/2 mile the final time was ISF=131.5mph @ 21.2sec and m3=132.5mph @ 20.89 sec.
It's funny how I see people making excuses for the ISF.
Plain and simple M3 is a little better. Doesn't mean that our car sucks just means that the M is a little better.
Hey, I'll agree with your statement, but it needs to be specified as to what parts the bimmer is better. The bimmer is faster and designed more for the track than the F, but the F, imo, is a better car all around. I like the fit, finish and quality of the Lexus line far better than any bmw. I'll concede that the m3 stock will handle better than a stock F on the track. The reliability of any Lexus is far superior than any bmw though.
I think as a forum we should call Tanner out for an M3 vs ISF rematch. He can drive his M3 and any of us who have track experience would be able to give him a run for his money - certainly in the acceleration tests. If Fousts M3 is no longer stock then so much the better as there are plenty of modded ISFs on this forum that can take him on.
WOOOOAAAAHHHHHH!!! I like the challenge!
1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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